Friday, April 20, 2007

Really, Really TIRED!

This week has taken its toll on me finally. Four days were spent going to funeral homes and funerals. After I got back from my aunt's funeral today, I just crawled up on my bed and went to sleep. When I went outside after my nap, I looked in my bluebird box and the babies were gone. They were too young to fly away, so something got them. I saw some little feathers on the ground. That made me sad. Now I'm thinking about just taking the box down. Last year there were two clutches hatched from that box....8 babies, but since some animal has found it I don't want to take the chance of once again losing my babies. I'm not hatching bluebirds for a raccoon or some other animal's lunch. On top of that, my hummers are gone. I haven't seen any this week. On a happier note, I have a big, beautiful rose blooming. I was going to cut my very first full size rose and take it to my mom, but I just can't cut it. Sad