Monday, September 15, 2008

Draggin' ass!

I am totally used up already today. My brother and I drove up at the same time this morning to start the clean up in my parents' yard where a huge pine tree fell and took out a pecan tree with it. It could have easily fallen on the house and we are so grateful that it didn't. We filled the truck up at least 8 times and my brother cut the tree into pieces and pulled them off with a chain and the tractor. I was not allowed to operate the chain saw. Hell, I couldn't even pick the damn thing up! My arms are already getting sore, one of which still isn't completely healed from that major big fall I took two weeks ago. Tonight I am supposed to go help work on our Mardi Gras float. OUCH!

Dad was not able to go to chemo this morning due his incredible discomfort from the catheter that he has now. Mom canceled his appointment and rescheduled it for next week. I feel so sorry for him. He is tired of going to doctors and it kills him to have to sit back and watch his kids doing all the work.