Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I fail to see the reason for fireworks that just make noise. Pretty fireworks are fun and I like them, but what is the point of just noise? They have already started here and to me it might as well be gun shots. It isn't even dark yet. I don't get it!!!!


I made my trek down to the farm to do some things that I knew needed to be done in the garden. Turns out my brother had already done everything. Found out my mom's sister was being taken to the hospital....just got back from seeing about her. Tonight is the community concert for the 4th of July. It is always awesome and I hope to make it there. I have to make potato salad tonight for the family reunion tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will have to go help mom roll out the dough for her chicken pie and her fruit tarts that she always takes to the reunion. Those people go get her fruit tarts before they put anything else on their plates just to make sure they get one!! That's how good they are, but we don't make but 20!!! The race is on!!