Saturday, August 30, 2008

How cool is this!

Yes, you, too, can have a Porsche in your driveway. Just go here.

Movie Review...

To avoid being a lazy bum all day today, I finally went to see the movie, The Longshots, which was filmed right here in Minden. It's a nice family movie and there are lots of places that I recognized. Many days last year our Main Street would be blocked off while they were shooting scenes. I didn't see any people in the movie that I know. The movies that film here in the area pay $100 a day just for extras. Maybe someday I'll be an extra so I can buy a gallon of gas!

Speaking of gas, the dealers around here have already started gouging the prices because they think they have an excuse to raise prices since all the Gulf oil rigs are shut down. It went up 10 cents while we were gone to dinner last night and had already gone up 10 cents earlier in the day. It is against the law to do that and the Attorney General has already been on TV warning about it, but it hasn't made one bit of difference.