Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Mom's 86th birthday and my brother and I have a meeting with all the therapists and the social worker to discuss what's next after her 100 days of therapy are up on March 5th.

Today after they put her down for her nap, I was telling her that my brother would not be back this afternoon because he had to go made his cake for the men's cake auction at his church. She looked at me and said so that I knew exactly what she said, "I always enjoyed going to that"......then she started to cry. Oh, no. I can't take that, so I told her that I would take her if she wanted to go. She did! I went back to get her this evening and my brother met us at the church. She got to attend the evening worship and see all her church friends and go to the cake sale. Those people were so very happy to see her and I was so very happy that I took her. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of some of the cakes , but it was a great fund raiser. .