Monday, August 16, 2010

Well...OK then!

My doctor's office called today to tell me my blood results from Friday. Turns out I have a vitamin D and B12 deficiency. I had to go in for a B12 shot and got a prescription for vitamin D....50,000 strength which is only taken once in a while. All other things looked good:

  • cholesterol -152 ( of course, that is with meds)
  • A1C - 6.2, which is an average of blood sugars at 131...not bad for a diabetic 8 years into the disease ( Also with meds....5 pills a day, but no insulin, yet)
  • Triglycerides down from 312 to 211...still a little high, but Krill oil apparently works at lowering that number

They are supposed to set up an appointment for me with a dermatologist, but appar
ently they haven't done that yet. My rash is much better since I have been slathering it with triamcinolone cream.....AND we got some rain last night...not enough, but who's counting?  Ok....7/10ths!

And how did I ever live without an Iphone!!!!! It is AMAZING!