Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another hard day of labor!

I spent 5 hours working in the garden today. All I can say is it better produce some groceries. Part of the time I was trying to rig up some sprinkler systems in the garden because it is getting really dry. I planted some bell peppers, eggplants and more tomatoes. Something has destroyed two of my original tomato plants. I put pine straw around the new plants that I planted today to help with moisture and weeds. My mom even came out looking for me because I had not come inside at all and she was afraid I was passed out somewhere in the garden. Not out of the realm of possibility....I was very tired when I left. I called my brother and asked him to go over at some point tonight and turn off the sprinkler. Our garden water comes from a well and not from the village water system, so we don't have to be as frugal.