Thursday, March 08, 2007


My neighbor had some workers at her house today installing outside lights. When they went up in the attic, they found a dead mouse! Now I am worried that I may find the same thing. So far all mine have been outside. How in the hell do they get in the attic!!!!! Mouse

No work today!

I spent the entire day taking Mom to her cardiologist in Shreveport. She got a fairly good report and doesn't have to go back for 6 months. As an insulin dependent diabetic, she MUST eat at regular intervals or she will have a low blood sugar. Her appointment was at 12:30 and she FORGOT to eat anything before we left. I grabbed a couple of candies out of my candy dish as we left just knowing she would probably need them before she got any food. She DID! Her low blood sugars really scare me. She didn't have one, but she would have if I hadn't brought that candy for her. After we got back from Shreveport, we had to get her groceries at Wal Mart. She almost didn't make it. I had to make her go sit down while I checked out her groceries. She tries to do too much in one day and she absolutely will not give up. I love that about her, but sometimes it can be a detriment!