Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amen, Maxine!

I'm just sayin'

Congress needs to tend to their business and leave BASEBALL alone! Congress sucks at doing their own job and now they want to screw up BASEBALL, too! Leave it alone already!!!!!!
Baseball 8 Baseball 7 Baseball 6

Christmas all over again!

Yesterday the land man came and brought me a check for leasing my few little acres down at the home place. Today I used a $100 gift card from Belk that I have had since Christmas. It seems that I am such a creature of habit that I take the sheets off my bed, wash them and put them back on because I only like one set of sheets that I have. These are so soft and comfy. Unfortunately, they wore so thin that they ripped. Well, of course, that just will not do, so I spent all the gift card plus $25 on some new sheets and a new mattress pad. They had better be soft. They are 300 TC sateen. I bought some 400TC once and they got those little pills all over them, so I am very skeptical about sheets. Also, I am very picky about sheets! Let's face it, I am pretty damn picky about everything.....which probably explains why I don't have a sweetheart on Valentine's Day!!!
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