Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well, CRAP!

If I had just called to check my phone messages at home, I would be in Houston right now instead of at home. My jury duty was canceled and it's the only reason I came right back home. If I had stayed gone another day though, everything green here would have died. It almost did anyway, but I have the sprinklers (all 3 of them) going now.

The reunion was great fun. It was so nice to see all these old students from 20 years ago. Now, I have already received a facebook message from the class of 90 that I have to come to theirs next year and the class of 91 that I have to come to theirs the next....dang....I'll be pushing 70 by then!

After I got all the way back to Shreveport, I remembered that I did not get the hanging clothes from the closet in the hotel. CRAP, again! I have called them and they are sending them to me. That's not the first time I have pulled that sort of nonsense!