Saturday, August 26, 2006

Passing other words..I got nuthin'

Tomorrow's Sunday School lesson is on Love and Marriage......I'm sleeping in.....don't need it!

Starbuck's Frappuccinno: Am I the last one on the planet to discover this nectar of the gods?

She is just so cute. I could watch her all day....personality galore! Food Network has all New Orleans stuff tonight since the focus is once again on year post Katrina. Of course, her shows are pre-Katrina. Some of the places she features are no longer there. :(

Praise God!

WE finally got some rain. We are in a major drought here and all the plants are suffering from the heat and drought. Yesterday, I got .5 inches and today I got .5...both combined with clouds and not so hot may save some plants. For the first time in my life, I am having to pay a water bill and even with restricted watering, it hurts. I refuse to let my grass die. I worked too hard to get it weed free, ant free and lush.

Today I sucked it up and went to a little fellow's baseball game. I knew the heat would be oppressive, but his mother had brought a canopy to protect us from the sun and it also rained. Those kids were so hot, they just played on in the rain and we were not miserable watching them.