Friday, May 11, 2007

Mom Time!

I have been focused on Mom for a couple of days. Yesterday after I got some groceries for her, I went to her house to get her heart monitor and return it to the doctor in Shreveport. When she removed it, she found that one of the leads was disconnected so she may have worn it 24 hours for nothing. Today I was trying to find something for Mother's Day. Finally ended up with some pretty plants. Right now I am cooking a cake to take to the cemetery dinner on the grounds tomorrow that they have twice a year. Mom always wants to go, but I have to take her. She will make some cornbread chicken dressing, but I told her not to make anything else. I will fill in the blanks. She always thinks she has to take several dishes, but I am trying to get her out of that mode. Dad took us all out to dinner tonight. Ummmm.....boiled shrimp!