Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rain, rain, come to stay!

Today is a cold, rainy day and I am loving it. It's still 39 degrees with a slow soft rain, which we desperately need. We are not as dry as Georgia, but we do need rain. Instead of lazing around watching movies all day, I turned to the Christmas music channel on my digital TV and went to work decorating my Mardi Gras tux jacket. Mine is not nearly as decorated as it will eventually be. They are supposed to be rather gawdy. I chose a patriotic theme and have been sewing appliques on. I can't do many at one time because I stick my fingers a lot with the needle, but I did get a couple more done today. With the decorated tux tails, we wear a white shirt and gloves and jeans. Since my theme is patriotic, I will also be wearing a sequined red, white and blue top hat and a matching bow tie. I also have some patriotic blinking light beads for me to wear. All the beads that I will be throwing in 3 parades are patriotic as well. I think it is fitting for an election year, which 2008 will be.
This is the back down on the tails.
This is the front and I can tell from the picture that it needs a lot more stuff. I need to get busy since these parades all happen in January.

Blowing off steam!

I just composed a letter to the President and CEO of Borghese, Inc. complaining about the lack of customer service. It reminded me of a quote I read somewhere, "It's a shame stupidity isn't painful." I never got any of my calls returned or an email answered and that really made me angry. Even though I finally found out that the correct makeup was inside the box that was labeled incorrectly, I am still angry that a company this size has NO customer service even though they give a number on the website for customer service. Maybe I can go on and get this nonsense out of my mind now! I'm sure I won't hear from the CEO either. In fact, I doubt she will ever see it. The CEO is Georgette Mosbacher and I have seen her several times on TV. She is a big Republican and in NYC, that's significant!