Friday, May 19, 2006

Too trusting?????

Twice in the past week, strangers have knocked on my door and I opened it right up. Now I know that goes against everything that I know to do for safety. I tend to think everyone is good and always give them the benefit of the doubt. The doubt is always there and may some day rear its ugly head. I have an innate desire to help people who need help. The first gentleman took a wrong turn off the interstate and needed help to get back to it. I am 5 miles from the interstate, so I was certainly skeptical. I gave him directions and never saw him again. Did I just luck out? Today someone knocked on one of the doors that comes inside from the garage. I opened the door to find a young woman there who needed to use my phone. I thought everyone on earth had a cell phone. Of course, I invited her in after I saw her car pulled in the vacant lot next to mine with the hood up and other people in it including small children. A belt had broken on the car and her brother needed help to fix it, but got no help from the phone call. I then took him to an auto parts store to get the belt he needed, offered the others in the car my outside chairs and a place to sit in the shade while we went to the store. That one turned out OK,too, but I wonder when my luck will run out!!! I grew up in an age where people could, in general, be trusted much more so than today. OK..bring it on...I know a few people are going to give me some grief about this. :)