Friday, March 09, 2007

Itching for golf

It's this time of the year that I get enthusiastic about playing golf again. It doesn't last long because I don't play when it is unbearably hot, but the Krewe that I joined here is having their Cochan du Lait in June at the local golf course along with a fun tournament. I'm thinking I might want to play in that tournament so I need to get out and start practicing so as to maybe not embarrass myself quite so much. The only problem is that every time I play golf here, it costs me about $40 since I am not a member anywhere. That adds up rather quickly!

Daddy time...

This morning I made my famous pralines for my sister-in-law. I must say I believe that are the best I have ever made. Scrumptious comes to mind. Tomorrow is her birthday, so I took them to her. She wasn't home, so I just left them there and went to Dad's. I knew Mom was at the beauty shop, so I went and sat outside with Dad for a little while. He gets bored and lonely without her there. He is soooooo dependent on her that he would not survive without her.

I also went to lunch with the ladies today and did an Aerify treatment on my yard. It is supposed to loosen up clay, but I can't tell that it does anything. I used it several times last year. After I use this up, I won't be buying anymore.

I learned today from one of the girls who is going to build a house right behind me that real soon they will build the street and begin construction. Good! That will put a street between me and the mice field.