Saturday, July 26, 2008

67% Dixie

I took a quiz here to confirm that I am 100% Southern. Holy Crap! I am only 67%. I'm really disappointed. I wanted to be 100%.


Usually when we are going to our favorite catfish restaurant, I don't eat during the day so I can make a dent in the massiveness that is the SENIOR PLATE. Yes, I am eligible for the senior menu, so don't hate. I might add that the CHILD PLATE is exactly the same thing, so my brother, being the comedian that he is, always orders a CHILD plate. He thinks he's not a SENIOR....funny boy! point was, before I jumped that rabbit, that I was sitting in QUIZNO'S feeding my face when I got the call that we were going to eat catfish tonight. So now I am still full from that and not at all hungry and craving the wonderful onion rings that our waitress always brings us and never charges us for. Trust me...I will stuff the goodness that is the onion rings in on top of that Quizno's sandwich.