Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The weather gods are smiling....

And so am I! This week we had a "cold" front slide on through here. That means it's 95 instead of 100, but the kicker is low humidity, which actually makes it not so bad to get outside and work. My yard is perfection right now...well, except for the missing caladiums that Bambi ate...because I don't mind getting out and working. The bahaia grass that I had sprayed a couple of weeks ago is fading away, so that makes me happy. Doesn't make the grass real pretty, but it will be as soon as the bermuda grass chokes out everything else.

Tomorrow I take Dad back to the oncologist. He actually felt better today and he wanted me to take him to get his hearing aid and to Wal Mart, so I did. It wore him out though.