Saturday, November 12, 2005

In my part of Texas on Election Day, we only had ammendments to vote on. Normally, I wouldn't have a clue what they were about. I must say that held true on 8 of the 9 ammendments, but the one that got my butt out of the recliner was defining marriage as between one woman and one man. Well, Duh! Why do we have to define this? It just isn't right to hear one woman call another woman her wife!! I am not opposed to civil unions, but, please, call it what it is-not marriage-and leave the rest of us alone!!!

I love Road Runner!

Today I got my Road Runner restored which had been down since the hurricane blew in on September 24th. I missed it way more than the cable TV. During that time I was using a Walmart Connect dial-up program and it sucked big time!! I am so happy to be back on line. This was the last thing I needed to get my life back to normal. WOOO HOOOO!

I'm back!

Wow! What a ride these last two months have been! While I was in Louisiana trying to help Mom recover from triple by-pass, Hurricane Rita hit my hometown with a dead- on direct hit. I live across the street from the golf course and it lost 450 trees. The mess is still being removed on a daily basis. Fortunately, nothing was touched at my home. The windchimes are still on the patio and not a shingle is missing. Since I didn't have a chance to remove any valuables, I fully expected to come home to nothing. I had seen the pictures posted on the internet of my street and I just knew there was no chance for my home. I just could not worry about the THINGS that I might lose to Hurricane Rita because I was too worried that I might lose my mom. I think God knew that I didn't care about THINGS at the moment and nothing mattered to me but my mom getting well. Fortunately, my mom is much better and I have a home. I learned that THINGS don't matter.....people do! God Bless Texas!