Friday, March 02, 2007

Sheer exhaustion once again!

I spent all day working in my yard mowing, edging, blowing, planting, installing hangers for hanging baskets on the fence, setting up the bird bath and transplanting some seedlings. All my hydrangeas are starting to put out as is my Bradford pear. Mother Nature is sending us a light freeze tonight and a not so light freeze tomorrow night. My enthusiasm may have been a bit premature! I have put the sensitive stuff in the garage for tonight. I am having trouble getting my bird bath level. It's sitting on concrete pavers, but once I put the water in it, it was obvious it was not level. Because of my analness about such things, I have tried to slip some cardboard pieces under the low side. It has helped, but it's not exactly right yet! I'm climbing up on my bed very soon for a night of veging out watching some TV. My muscles are tired. Tomorrow I am going to Dad's to build his rose garden AGAIN and fix a strawberry bed for him.


The gas company has apologized for unreasonably high gas bills. They say it is because the previous months had incorrect readings because of some issues with meter readers! What! That's not my fault! The company should have to just absorb their errors. But NO! We, the customers will be paying for their mistakes.