Monday, April 23, 2007

OCD..Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

That would be me! I don't know why I am so anal about having things clean. I bought a Bissel Steam Mop for my ceramic tile floors and today I worked them over. That thing worked great. I am so very impressed. Next, I am going to take it to my mom's and clean her kitchen floor.
I told my cousin, the bluebird expert, about losing my babies to some animal. She said it would be either a raccoon or a black snake. This is why the houses must be mounted on a metal pole with a predator guard below the box. I took the box down because I cannot bear to feed more predators my next babies. The two parents are still hanging around out there and yesterday, I saw the male look inside the box again. It just kills me, so I'm not setting myself up for that again. They will just have to build somewhere else.