Monday, May 19, 2008


I went to see about Dad this morning. He doesn't feel well, but he is trying to do a few things in the garden. He is just glad to know there is a definite reason for his breathing difficulties. He asked me today how do they operate on lungs. I told him they put the patient on a heart/lung machine while they operate and he has already been on one of those machines when he had his heart bypass. We are hoping for an appointment with a pulmonologist this week.

I am continuing to improve. The nurses seem to think this will be my last week of daily packing. The wound is almost closed and ready for just a small bandage to keep it clean along with some neosporin.

Dad and I dug our first potatoes this morning. We found enough for them to eat tomorrow along with some turnip greens and turnips. I think I'll go there for lunch tomorrow!