Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Party..

I can't even remember the last time that I went to a party that was alcohol-free. This was my Sunday School Class's party. It was at an awesome house and fun. We did one of those pass the ornament games and I ended up with one ugly ornament. Even if I had a tree, this thing would not be on it. It is downright scary!!! And it is HUGE!!! WE are talking 12 inches long!

Email is fixed...

When I called customer service this morning, they had instructions recorded as to how to fix outgoing mail. All it took was a check mark in a box that I didn't have checked to fix it. I should have called Saturday!!!

Frosty is half dead....

My only Christmas decoration is failing. He has only been lit up about 3 weeks and a bunch of his bulbs are now not burning. I tried using the extra bulbs that came with him, but have been unable to get him all lit up. I finally went and bought a little string of white lights that I was just going to add to him, but when I got home I read on the box that they are inside lights. I can't find replacement bulbs for the originals. The directions say to replace only with 3.5 v bulbs. The only ones I can find are 2.5!