Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What a bunch of whiners!

Lots of people, who would have otherwise been stuck in New Orleans, were brought by bus to our local area. All they have done is whine! They think they should be put up in the Hilton. They came here without necessities and expected them to be given to them....such as diapers, clean clothes, soap, baby know....the essentials. TV people were on TV telling us they needed new underwear! WTF! What a bunch of morons! That's the whole problem... entitlements have created a bunch of losers! I say that next time we leave their sorry asses there in New Orleans! Dumbasses!

Dark and Dreary

The day is dark and dreary with intermittent rain, but I was up early to meet my brother and Dad at the hospital where Dad was getting yet another CT scan. Brother dropped him off and I stayed with him for the CT. It only took a few minutes, then I took him for some breakfast and on back home. Being the lazy daughter that I am, I put my garage door back down and went back to sleep until 12. This day is not conducive to anything productive!

I watched some of the RNC last night. It's much easier to watch than the DNC. Palin will get my attention tonight. This is how the ticket should look!