Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another busy day...

Today was another oncologist appointment. Dad is doing OK. His blood work is good with the exception of the anemia. His anemia numbers (whatever that means) have to be below 10 for Medicare to pay for the shots to build him up again. His were 10.2, so probably next time they will be in the range to get some help with his fatigue.

After I got him all taken care of, I went to the local Council on Aging and got the process started to get Mom hooked up with one of those gizmos to wear around her neck and call for help when she falls.
.Lord Help Me

Then I had to make an appearance at the funeral home and sign the book. Of course, after a day like that I had no choice but to swing by the local ice cream parlour for my chocolate shake. It is the nectar of the gods. To make restitution to my blood sugar, I went out at 8 P.M. and mowed in the dark! We are really hoping and praying for rain tomorrow, so I needed to get that done even though I couldn't see where I was going!
Milk Shake