Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Crap!

If we had winds like this when I lived in Texas, they would have had a name...a tropical storm name! Tropical storms become named at 39 mph, I think. We have beat that a lot today. The airport has had to close down stranding many passengers in Shreveport. This has been made worse due to DFW closing down as well. Almost all flights from SHV go to Dallas for connections. Gusts have been clocked at 60!

Weather gods are angry again....

Once again we are under a tornado watch and a wind advisory. It's nearly 80 degrees with a cold front on the way. This makes for "a particularly dangerous situation"....their words, not mine! We heard this a lot Friday night. I have moved all the plants inside that could blow away or break from the winds.

Finally, the AC man came back today after I called him yesterday. He took a measurement several months ago to add a booster fan to my AC system, but never came back. Today he changed the ducts to the master bedroom and bath to a larger size. Hopefully, this will help to cool them a little better. There are huge windows in the bedroom which could contribute to the poor job of cooling, but that would not affect the bathroom. I hope this works. If not, he will come back and add a booster fan.....all this at no charge because he wants it to be right and he installed the system originally. I like that work ethic!