Friday, February 16, 2007


I Have spent a good part of this day on the phone with the internet banking people. My bank changed to a completely new system, which I could not log on to and when I finally got that taken care of, I tried to pay bills. All my payees are GONE! The whole thing has to be re-entered and the program won't let me do it!!! I don't think I know how to pay bills without just pushing a few buttons on the computer. This has to be ironed out soon!!

I got a Centerpoint (gas for the house) bill of $287......WTF! That's unreal! I immediately turned off the gas fireplace!! In the long run, I will benefit from high natural gas prices because my mom and dad have part ownership in 15 wells, but right now that is a steep price. I have NO ownership in those wells although my parents are very generous. I just needed a WARNING that the bill would increase so much. Last month it was $90, so I have just been really enjoying the gas flowing through the remote contolled fireplace. Several nights I left it on all night.....NO MORE!