Friday, June 13, 2008


Edited to add: My brother just called me at 4:30 and said they were finally leaving the hospital!!! That's 8 hours my dad was in the hospital to get a port!!! GRRRR!

I had Dad at the hospital at 8:30 where he was scheduled to get a port put in. He is not a patient man and I don't seem to have much patience in hospitals. They are on different clocks from the rest of the world. At 12:00 they finally came to get him. During the time that he was waiting, he told me his arm was hurting where the IV was. I just kind of blew it off and figured it would be okay. Later he told me again it was hurting. I went to look at it and his arm was huge where the fluid was going everywhere except the vein. I got someone to come in and, of course, they had to start over with the IV. My dad really hates needles. At 1:15 my brother came to relieve me and let me go home because I had been sitting on hard chairs for about as long as my ass could stand. I called him at 3:00 to see if they got home. He was still in the waiting room and they had not told him anything about why Dad was not out of surgery/recovery yet. Finally, at 3:15 the doctor came out and told him that it took so long because she could not find a vein suitable for the port. She finally got it in. I'm afraid his veins are as thin as his skin is due to his advanced age. I feel so sorry for him having to go through all this CRAP! Of course, he could have no food or drink after midnight and was completely starving. Brother is taking him to a diner to get some breakfast at 4PM!!!!