Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Nice surprise!

I got a call tonight while I was on my way home from Mom's from a dear friend that I had when I lived on the Texas Gulf Coast. We had not spoken in probably a year and had very few emails. She and her husband have sold their home in Texas and moved to the mountains in New Mexico. She was sitting on her porch looking at the beautiful moon tonight and was reminded of a time when we were at their beach house on Crystal Beach. We were supposed to be cleaning the beach house when I told her I was going outside and watch the moon. She decided to kill the vacuum and join me to look at the moon across the water. I have no recollection of this, but she was reminded of me tonight and called to tell me so! Some friends are forever friends. I have promised her that the first time that I am able to get away that I will be coming to New Mexico to see them. Probably won't happen as long as Mom is alive, but it will happen some day. Great way to end the day.