Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why do I watch this crap?

Each day I either watch or tape this dumb show. WHY???? I do not understand why I can't extricate myself from the clutches of this nonsense. These beotches all (except Elisabeth Hasselback) make my blood boil and blood shoot out of my eyeballs, but I can't switch the channel. There is never a day that they don't get in some digs on the President or other cabinet members. I am a Republican and there are lots of things that I am not happy with, but these women are relentless and just so sure they are RIGHT! It's obvious that they get all their info from the left wing looney blogs. It's time to drag out my favorite graphic and maybe I need to go to rehab to learn to turn the channel and get away from all the nonsense. Rosie O'Donnell is the worst and since she arrived, Joy Behar has gotten much braver about spouting DUMB stuff. She knows Rosie will back her up. I admire Elisabeth. I would have already stabbed somebody in the neck!!!

Points earned!

While my brother was earning his points taking my parents to Shreveport today for an appointment with Dad's hearing aid man, I went to the store and got some things Mom needed, then took them to her house. I set up her new music system that I bought for her and I cleaned her kitchen. I can get a lot done at their house when they are not there.