Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top o' the day to ya!

Today was oncologist day, which means labs and chest x-ray. There was a little shadow on the upper right lung, but the doctor was really not sure if it was anything or not. He was not real worried about it, but we will go back in 6 weeks to take another look. Dad is not having any trouble breathing and his labs were all good.

The luck o' the Irish seems to be with me as well. Finally, my blood glucose has been back down where it should be. I hope the Actos is the reason. This morning it was 119 and that makes me happy. Anything below 120 in the morning is a good start for me. I didn't eat at all today until I got back from taking Dad to the doc. Then I cooked pork chops, cabbage, corn bread and squash. I also ate Girl Scout cookies and I still got a good reading 2 hours after eating, so things are looking up!!!