Monday, November 14, 2005


Let's just say Time Warner sent a MORON to get me back on line. That man spent an hour toying with my computer and told me some spyware on my computer caused the problem. Well, I doubted that because the computer was working fine before the hurricane. He fumbled and fumbled trying to justify his diagnosis. He put anti spyware on my computer....ok, not a problem. I'm ok with that, but he didn't ask me. He also changed my homepage to the Time Warner Road Runner website. I immediately changed it back to where I had it. The kicker is that he messed with so much stuff that after he left and I started working on my computer, I found things were really messed up. My printer wouldn't print. He had done something with the driver. My Picasa, which I use a lot for pictures, wouldn't work at all. I had to do a complete system restore dating back to before he came and screwed things up. In the end he told me the network adapter inside my tower was bad. He changed it out and got me immediately back on line. Why didn't he try that first instead of trying to blame it on my computer and some obscure spyware? I'm so happy to have my Road Runner back and so happy that I had the common sense it took to get my computer back operating correctly that I couldn't even really get mad at the man!!! I am too blessed to be stressed!!!