Thursday, June 21, 2007


Edited to add: FINALLY!

Once again my post won't publish. WTH! Just adds to my frustration!

Jumping through HOOPS!!

I am trying to get a passport and it is very frustrating. Today I had all the paperwork completed and went to get the photo taken. Unfortunately, my birth certificate does not have an embossed seal on it. I told that lady they probably didn't have embossed seals that many years ago! She assured me they did. I had to go to a clerk of court office in another town only to find out that I couldn't get what I needed there, but I am in the system. I will have to go to Shreveport to get what I need. I guess I'll do that tomorrow. I have never had a passport, but now one is essential to travel almost anywhere.

I also went to the Altell office here to make an attempt to let go of my last symbol of Texas, my cell phone number. The office is about as big as a postage stamp and there were people waiting in line......mmmmmmNO! Not gonna do it!!!

Then I went to Mom and Dad's to take something to her she needed from Wal Mart. When I got there, they were all dressed up and waiting for my brother to come get them. Turns out a friend of mine from high school lost her mother and they were going to the funeral home. I didn't know she had died, so I had to go home and change clothes to make an appearance at the funeral home.