Friday, April 07, 2006

Hail, Hail....WTF!

Tonight was downright scary. The storms came through and pounded my new house with marble size hail. In Orange, Texas, this would have never happened. Even if it had, I didn't own my home and didn't really care. Whoa! Big difference now!!! The stones were hitting the windows so hard that my brother could hear them through the phone. He lives 13 miles south of me and he got nothing. I called and warned them what was coming so they could get all the cars under something, but they didn't even get any rain. I got all my flowers in, except the azaleas, moments before the hail came. I guess I'll see tomorrow if the buds were knocked off my azaleas. I hope not. I have been looking every day at them just waiting for them all to open and they are just starting to do so. The hailstones in the picture are on my covered patio which has outdoor carpet on it.