Monday, August 31, 2009

Difficult day!

I took Dad for his treatment today and we also had an appointment with the oncologist, so Mom went with us. When I got to Mom's, he came from his room to go and he had wet the front of his clothes and down his leg and didn't even know it. He had to go change clothes before we could go. I put pillows on the back seat and he got back there and lay down all the way to Shreveport. He was unable to walk without my holding his hand and leading him everywhere. It's just so, so sad. The weakness is so very evident. I take him again tomorrow and my brother will take him for his last treatment on Wednesday. Then we will find out if the radiation doc is going to do the 3 additional treatments or not. On the plus side (which I must always find) he is talking much better....well, except when he has to take his "stereo" pill.....that would be the same as a steroid!!! AND.....we got someone to come clean Mom's house and she will be there every Monday. She was there today!!! WooHoo!