Saturday, February 23, 2008

Woo HOO!

Sunny I can feel spring in the air today even though the ground is so saturated. My morning started in clean house mode, but got sidetracked. Mom did not get her paper delivered this incompetent carrier, so I stopped everything and took her a newspaper. Her day doesn't go well if she doesn't get to do the crossword everyday. While I was there, Dad asked me to take him to look for a gopher trap. We went to a couple of places he wanted to go to, so that pretty much killed my clean house mode!! I did manage to re-ignite it later and got a lot done including cleaning the garage, which really bothers me if it is not clean because that's where most people enter the house. It MUST be neat and clean! I am always agreeable to taking Dad wherever he wants to go because I know he gets so tired of staying home. I also know he will not be around much longer! My sister-in-law had already offered to take him with her to Bossier City, but he declined. It won't take him long to forget that and he'll think they never take him anywhere....but they do! They take him lots of places.