Monday, March 20, 2006

Rain, Rain, Welcomed Rain!

This area has needed rain for a long time. Even the lakes were drying up, but the past 3 days have alleviated many problems associated with drought. The one thing it didn't do was soften up my ground around the house enough to stick my hanging basket pole into the ground. I did get it in with the use of a very heavy a mini-sledge hammer...,but not where I actually wanted it. My brother was afraid to keep trying to put it where I wanted for fear of hitting underground conduits. Electricity is underground, but we don't know where. I had 6 inches of rain in my gauge since Friday.

My mother was in desperate need of groceries, so I went to get her and brought her back to Minden to the grocery store. My brother had been by earlier and I told him she was planning to drive to the grocery store. He and I agreed that we would prefer that she not drive in the rain, so I went to handle that potential problem. You know how you sometimes get annoyed at people who block the aisles in the store and are oblivious to others???? Well, I don't any more because that person is now my MOM!!