Monday, July 23, 2007

Yes, I am just that shallow!

It's making me very sad that I only have two C2 cokes left from all those I bought at Hilton Head. I read somewhere that production stopped in 2007, so I guess when I take my road trip to D.C. in the fall, I'll be checking stores along the East Coast for any residual inventory of my beloved C2's.

I just returned from checking on my mom. As I drove into my brother's driveway yesterday after church, he told me to go to Mom's and check on her. She had some sort of dizzy episode in church and when she got home, her blood sugar was in the 300's in spite of the fact that she had taken her insulin shot before going to church. I stayed with her yesterday afternoon while my dad and brother went to a funeral home visitation. She was fine, but said her head still didn't feel quite right. Same story this morning. I took some lunch to them, but she was already cooking. I cleaned her kitchen and left so she can lie down for a while. This one is a mystery unless it is just some vertigo, but why the high blood sugar!!! I don't know.