Monday, August 10, 2009

So, so Tired!!!

I am physically, emotionally and mentally drained! We did all the mowing at Mom and Dad's this morning while Mom took Dad to see about his hearing aid. The audiologist says there is nothing wrong with his hearing aid. His hearing is not going to be any better and he cannot hear anything. Mom thinks that he has had a small stroke that affected his hearing (the little he had left). We know something has affected his mind and his speech. His words are slurred and he has trouble getting them out. It's just so, so sad to me that I cry every time I leave there. Mom says he tells her he is just not good for anything anymore...and it's true. She thinks he would commit suicide if he could. I told her that he can't because he doesn't own a pistol and he doesn't have enough strength to rig up a shotgun. I told her that I wish he could just drop dead and be with his Maker and that's what she wishes as well. It's what he wishes as well.

Mom is pretty well all banged up and pretty sore. Her expensive new glasses are all bent up, but I have them with me to take and see if someone can fix them. She's wearing her old ones now. The home health nurse is seeing about getting her a new walker and checking with the physical therapist to see if there is anything she could do to help prevent these falls.

Everything is pretty much a wreck in my world right now!!