Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm feeling better!

I put off going to see Dad until late in the day. When I got there, he got up and came and sat in the kitchen with me. He looked better and did much better last night without taking that darvocet. He was able to sleep and get up by himself to go to the bathroom without falling. Mom slept as well. While I was there, a family friend of ours came and he shaved dad for him. Dad has been having trouble shaving and Mom has been trying to help him, but this guy did a great job getting Dad shaved. Dad said it was the best shave he ever had. After that, Dad went back to lie down and said he felt better with a clean shave. We have some great friends and I drove home without bursting into tears as soon as I drove away from them.

I brought one of Dad's ambiens home with me to try tonight and see if it helps me sleep. I hope so. It's been raining for days, I have a good book to read and Dad is better, I have a sleeping pill! It's all good!