Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let the record show....

that on this day, 2/22/2007, I had to turn on the freakin' air conditioner!!! I'm not ready for that. Shouldn't there be a down time between turning off the heat and turning on the AC? I would like to just open the windows for a few days, but NO, Mother Nature has spoken.Exactly one week ago we had snow flurries!!
Boiling Hot

I went to regular Thursday lunch with the ladies, then went to Lowe's. I just love that store! I am now on a mission to make another rose bed equal to the one I already made on the other fence and connect them with a small squared paver area in the corner. My plans are to put a bird bath on the pavers between the two beds. Usually, my plans in my mind look a whole lot better than the completed project. Pictures to follow...later.....much later!!!

Look how freakin' organized I am! Notice the pictures of the roses stapled on the fence behind the corresponding plant! There may be a little OCD showing up here! Ya think!!!!!