Friday, December 11, 2009

Great night!

Being a former party animal, one would think that my Sunday School party would be boring to me. So not true. It was awesome! Such great people in my class. The name of the class is "We Care" and we truly do care about each other and others. One of our members just opened a brand new event facility in downtown Minden called Orleans on Main. He rents this building for $650 for events. It is beautiful and has tables with beautiful decorations and real table cloths. He hosted the party there for free and even catered the event himself. He is a top notch guy who really gives back to his community. We each brought a new toy and gave them to Toys for Tots.Two Marines were there to receive the gifts.
 Tomorrow night I will be going back to the same facility, but that will be our Mardi Gras krewe party....much different scenario! Also, tomorrow is our neighborhood brunch. OK....I guess I am still a party animal!!!