Monday, December 25, 2006

It's over....

3D Santa I guess the fat lady sang and Christmas 2006 is over for our family. It was wonderful and too much food was consumed by me and others!!! Blood sugar has still been an issue with me, but Thursday I have a doc appointment and hope to get my meds increased or another med added. Every time I have eaten anything lately, it has gone over 200. Yesterday I had a whopper Jr. and a few fries and the reading was 257. A few weeks ago, that would not have happened. I eat Whopper, Jr. and fries often. Today, it was 222 two hours after eating and I didn't even eat bread or dessert. Of course, the dressing was corn bread and the salads I ate a few bites of were sugared salads......and peas and corn......OK, it was all CARBS!!!! No damn wonder it was 222!!!!

My dear, sweet mother insisted on going back to the old traditions that we had to abandon last year because of her health. She cooked her famous dressing and we ate at her house. Our friends came just like they always do. Every ounce of dressing was consumed. Mom also made some sweet salads, a pie, peas and corn. We told her to just make dressing. We would do the rest. She doesn't listen well, but I am thankful that she can still do what she did at 81. I left at 3 after cleaning her kitchen, so I hope she took a nap. I know she needed to rest. I am so thankful to have her for a mother. She's the BEST!