Monday, August 13, 2007

Things are looking up!

Mom called and told me that both audiologists had been in touch with them. Tomorrow afternoon I have to get Dad to the audiologist here and he is going to make a new impression and the manufacturer is going to make Dad a completely new hearing aide at no cost. This old one has never fit properly and has fallen out. Thank goodness it fell in his shirt pocket or we would have never found it.

Tomorrow morning I had already made arrangements to take Mom to a Senior Revival at my church. She used to go to it every year and one of the ladies from the church called me and asked me to serve coffee. Her main reason in asking me to serve coffee was that she wanted me to bring my mom. I agreed to it, so now my day will once again be full tomorrow. Maybe my brother will be able to take care of Dad tomorrow.

I'm tired already

Crying 1
It's only 1:30 and I am done for the day. My dad's hearing aide died again yesterday, so I found an audiologist here in my town and went to visit him to see if I could bring my dad to him. He said I went and got Dad and brought him to see the man. He told him something was wrong with the hearing aide and it was not just stopped up. We left it with him for him to send back to the manufacturer since it is still under warranty. Dad has had nothing but trouble with that hearing aide, which is supposed to be top of the line. He told Mom that he wished he could just die and get on out of the way. That makes me sad that he thinks he is in the way. He is not. We will take care of him just like he has taken care of us.

I picked a bucket full of okra when I took him back home. Okra is one of my favorites, so I'll be having that later on today. Right now it is nap time while I water the yard!!!