Wednesday, January 11, 2006


In an attempt to lighten the load when I move to new digs, I have been going through boxes of memories and throwing most of it away. Today I hit a snag. Most of it has been easy to toss because I don't even remember most of it. I came across letters from my boyfriend, who was in Viet Nam at the time. I haven't read any of these in 30 years, but I opened a few of them today. Here's an excerpt: 8-7-67...."Have I ever told you that you are lovable, adorable, exciting, sweet, wonderful and very tempting? How's that for melting you in my arms? I'll save the rest of my sweet talk for when I get home. OK?" I just could not toss those letters. I guess they will go to my grave with me since I have no offspring to entertain with my love life. Here are a few pictures of the lover boy. He was HOT!
My memories came to an abrupt halt when a hibernating lizard fell out of a photo album I opened. These memories had been stored in boxes in a storeroom out back. Now I'm scared to open anything else!!