Friday, November 23, 2007

What the HELL!

LSU got beat in the last play of the 3rd overtime. They are no longer in contention for the national title. Holy CRap!

The other surprise of the day.....Texas A & M beat TEXAS! That wasn't supposed to happen either. I show no favoritism here! I'd be in big trouble! (I do, however, have a former student playing at A & M.)

Staying in the will....

I went to Mom and Dad's this morning to take her some stuff from the grocery store. While I was there, I changed her bed and Dad's bed. It is so hard for her to do that . She has to stop and rest while she's doing it so I try to make sure I get it done when it needs it.She had a maid for 50 years, but now when she really needs one, we can't find one.

The wind was blowing too much for me to try to take care of the fallen leaves today. I'll get to that next week.