Thursday, October 05, 2006

I have a mouse!

No, not in my house, but in the shed where I keep my lawn mower. Everytime I move the lawn mower, he runs out. Last night I bought d-con and put it out there, but I won't know if he's dead if he eats that and goes off to die somewhere. I need proof, so today I am going to buy a mouse trap. Will I ever be done with varmits??? I am going to buy those utrasonic devices that plug into the wall and put them in the garage because once they find a nice warm garage for winter, they will find a way to come inside. That is absolutely unacceptable!!! There is a huge field behind my house and I am sure it is full of mice looking for a warm winter home. Not mine, PLEASE!!!!

2 down and 1 to go...

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Had the mammogram and the bone density tests. Next it is the stress test. Bone density was a piece of cake. I just pray that everything is OK because by the time one gets to 63, all kinds of things start falling apart. I'm glad my mammogram was in October. Now it will be easy to remember next year because of all these pink ribbons everywhere in October.
Breast Cancer Awareness Pin