Friday, July 25, 2008

Morons at work!

Instead of those "men at work" signs I see sometimes, there should be one that says "morons at work" on the construction sites next to me. There are two new homes being built by me. Now I know that when I see one of these bobcat gizmos in the picture that my cable is going to be cut. Nevermind that the ground has big red spray painted lines showing the buried cables. When I got back from Dad's, I saw one of these machines at work and when I went inside my house, it was evident to me that my cable and internet were out. I went out and asked the guys if they cut my cable again......."Oh, no Ma'am, we didn't cut anything." Liars......the next time I looked out a couple of hours later, the cable company was there repairing the cable! Why would they just flat out lie? Dumbasses! I knew the freakin' cable was cut!

Dad update

Dad has felt pretty good this week. I bought a few tomato plants to plant at his house this morning and when I got there, he had already been out working in the garden putting pine straw around his berry plants. That's the most he has felt like doing in a long time. I got his tomato plants planted and worked in the yard until I was totally melted down and soaking wet with sweat. Hopefully, we will have some more fresh tomatoes before frost since we planted them under a soaker hose that Dad has snaked through a fence. So, actually it is a drip, but it works.

On Monday we go back to the oncologist, get labs, and chemo. Well, I'm not sure about the chemo. I guess that will depend on whether the CT scan shows any progress in shrinking the tumors.