Monday, May 01, 2006


Since Saturday was a rain drenched day....2.2 inches for me...I just vegetated at home being lazy. I did a lot of work on Friday building new raised flower beds, but purposefully did not plant the flats of annuals that I bought because I knew the rains were coming and would beat them to death. Yesterday I planted some annuals in the new bed around the tree, but I still haven't done the planting in the much bigger bed. Today I went to Mom and Dad's and cut back all of her azaleas. Protocol says that they need to be pruned right after the blooming season. Hers are huge and it was a hard job. After that I mowed all their yard, which, as I have said before, takes a long, long time even on a riding mower. I was there from 8:30 until 2:00. A few minutes of that time I was in the pasture with my brother where he mowed a spot of centipede grass. We cut some sod squares of that which are still in my car because I am too exhausted to put it in the yard where it needs to be. Tomorrow I will have a boatload of yardwork to do, but it will all be in my yard.