Monday, January 29, 2007

2 down...? to go!

This one was right by my front door. I have not seen any there! It was a toddler mouse that was in a corner dead. I've been back to the store for more bait. Now I am finding trails in my tall rye grass where they have apparently been running for a while. This is getting on my freakin' nerves.
Mouse's official...


I'm a moron! I went to the bank this morning all ready to cancel my ATM card and order a new one. I can't live without my ATM. They checked with someone in the back office and my card had been retrieved from inside the machine. I guess I left after I got my money and after a little while, the machine eats the card. Thank goodness it did that before some unsavory character came along and wiped out my account. I'm sure there is a limit as to how much cash can be taken at one time, but I didn't lose any. I have been using these cards for 20 years and I have never ever done that!!!