Friday, August 27, 2010

Holy CRAP!

Dad has been gone 9 months and we are STILL trying to get the estate settled. My poor brother has worked and worked on property descriptions...faxed them all to the lawyer and the lawyer still has them all screwed up. He doesn't even have the dwelling on the proper parcel of land! We are trying to avoid having to have all of it surveyed. Mom cannot find any of the deeds, so it is a real chore. I thought we were paying a lawyer to do that kind of stuff, but my brother has done more than the lawyer! On a lighter note, the monument company brought renditions of what the monument will look like and all of the foot stones, which we are getting done in advance for all the rest of us. Should have it done soon!

Restoring Honor Rally

Months ago when Glenn Beck started planning the Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial, two friends started making plans to attend. I turned it down because I have been to D.C. in August and it is miserable. Looks like the
weather is going to be very pleasant. God is with them! Well, 3 friends are on Amtrak at this moment on the way to D.C. I hope they have a great time. I just do not like to be in huge crowds, plus I know my back would not have been happy with all the walking and carrying a chair at the same time. I'm too old for that kind of misery!
They drove to Meridian, MS to board Amtrak for an 11 A.M. departure yesterday. After about 22 hours, they will arrive in D.C.